As time goes by, technology advances; and so are the images of your walls. EVORICH seeks to establish new standards using novel technology to deliver the best result out of them. Let walls not just stay as walls, but decorative pieces that provide dimension and depth.

Green Walls

Our artificial green walls come in certain combinations and options: You could choose the plain ones with no additional decoration or the ones with flowers and crypts for added interest. Your pick!


Digital Wallcovering

Let imagination no longer stays as imagination, and the unlikeliest scenarios no longer far-fetched. Our digital wallcovering allows you to have absolute control of the image of your wall without the need to compromise. Make a choice from an extensive range of themes; you could have all the world in just one wall.



If walls could talk, they’d say that adding a little life to them is a creative way to liven up your home or commercial ineriors. Now you can make your walls sing just by re-imagining the way you think about wall coverings. And evoWALLS Luxury Wall Tiles are just what you need to spur your living experience.