Evo HERF in Commercial Settings

Not just a popular option among Singapore homeowners, Evo HERF is also highly appreciated among local entities, shops and other commercial establishments for its durability to withstand higher foot traffic.

Having thick, premium commercial grade wear layer, HERF is a more resilient option and is suitable to be used in both residential and commercial spaces. Apart from the local soil, Evo HERF projects can also be found across the world such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and China.

Here is a guide to the best type of commercial, restaurant or bar flooring so you can make an informed decision. Basically, Evo HERF can be installed in:

Hotels and Resorts

As what can be expected, the floor of hotels and resorts will have a lot of luggage abuse. However, that is not the case with Evo HERF as it still looks glamourous and gleaming with pride after installing in numerous hotel units. It is highly scratch resistance, can dampen sound, and is treated with a tough wear layer.

Most important of all, it is attractive and offers an expensive look, thus serving the purpose of both aesthetics and practicality. For a memorable guest experience, choose Evo HERF.

Restaurants and Cafés

Customers’ shoes, chair legs, dropped dishes and cutlery might cause considerable damages to the floor, especially in the gastronomy industry. Should there be any liquid spillage or food accidents, rest assured that Evo HERF is easy to clean and maintain, even a 2-days-old stain can be removed using a wet mob on this floor. What’s more, it is100% waterproof.

Being sturdy and stylish, Evo HERF pleases your customer’s eyes at the same time protects your premises. It is a worthwhile investment that is crucial to your profits in the long run.

Shopping Malls and Retail Outlets

For a place that sees a great deal of foot traffic, Evo HERF’s features stand out as it is high in dimensional stability and certified as R9 standard for anti-skid. With the tread of hundreds and thousands of customers’ feet, regular flooring will not be able to bear the heavy traffic of mall-visitors during the peak hours, especially on holidays and weekends.

Your shopping centres and retail outlets call for flooring that is more robust. And your customers are sure to fall in love with the firm feel when stepped on Evo HERF.

Medical and Childcare Centres

Your flooring is a part of creating a soothing care setting. From antibacterial, antimicrobial property to physically-harmless formaldehyde emission, Evo HERF is a type of flooring that meets the demands of the clinical environment.

Especially children, the surroundings which they will be staying in needs to be carefully selected because they fall under the vulnerable group. In this instance, Evo HERF contributes to a positive environment as it promotes safety, is very easy to maintain rigorous hygiene standards, and meets strict health codes. Plus, it is a green product certified by the Singapore Green Building Council.

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