How Green Wall Help Facilitates Your Commercial And Retail Business

Green walls can be a splendid addition to shop display and visual advertising for any business type — a beautiful piece of greenery in your commercial property will create an inviting, welcoming aesthetic for your clients and guests. Natural grasses are undoubtedly beautiful, but they can be a hassle to maintain and after several heavy footsteps, […]

The Best Vinyl Floor For Your Indoor Exercises

Having more time in the house now? Don’t just lie down, this is the best time for you to exercise and move those hips. Transform your home with the best vinyl floor for indoor exercises and other recreational activities. Choose a sustainable and sturdy flooring not just for this time, but also the time when […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Decorating Your Ceiling Today

So, you have finished remodelling your floors and walls, and you think that you are pretty much done with the surface of your interior – or are you? Don’t forget to look up. The fifth wall in your home, better known as the ceiling, deserves some attention too. Miss this, and you will miss a […]

Fun & Fabulous Ideas For Your Digital Wallcovering Theme!

Flaunt your home with stunning digital wallcovering! It is a state-of-the-art technology that transfers your desired design, photo or artwork from the screen onto the wall. And it’s now gaining more and more popularity among Singapore homeowners. Digital wallcovering complements well with pretty much any interior design style. It transforms bland corners into walls full of […]

Flooring for the Festive Season!

As the holidays are around the corner, homeowners will, therefore, have the excitement of decorating their homes for the festive seasons. Especially in Asia countries like Singapore, the number of households moving into new HDB flats, private apartments and houses are on the rising trend as well. So the question is, how can we dress […]