Flooring for the Festive Season!

As the holidays are around the corner, homeowners will, therefore, have the excitement of decorating their homes for the festive seasons. Especially in Asia countries like Singapore, the number of households moving into new HDB flats, private apartments and houses are on the rising trend as well.

So the question is, how can we dress up our flooring for the festive season? Well, below are 3 easy tips to look at:

1) Easy Maintenance

Entertaining guests on a daily basis is tiring; especially when the party is over, there will be lots of cleaning up to do! Hence, choosing a floor that is very easy to maintain is important. It saves time and ‘energy’. One characteristic of an easy-to-maintain floor is its high water resistance properties. Washing of solid wood flooring needs to be extra careful because water may damage the edge of a wooden floor. However, homeowners could have a peace of mind with high water-resistant floors.

2) High S.I.S Standard

A good ‘festive’ flooring should have high S.I.S standard. (Slip, Impact, Stain). Slip-resistant flooring can assure and reassure safety at the premise especially when the family has children and elderlies. High-grade impact resistance is important as it serves as an added safety net by reducing the impact force from falling objects or human beings; that is the cushion effect for the floor. As for stain resistance, well, we all know that no parties are fun without wines, drinks and good food. Quality flooring with high stain resistance helps ensure that simple stains from party foods and wines can be easily removed. Hence, look for flooring with this S.I.S standard!

3) Right Colour Combination

Unlike sofa cushions or curtains, we can’t always change the colour of our flooring as and when we are pleased (Too costly to do that!). That being the case, choosing the right flooring from the start is very important. Floorings with abstract designs are difficult to manoeuvre to suit different party themes. Ceramic tiles or parquet may appear to be either dull or complicated. Hence, choose the flooring colours and designs that suit your style as well as the mood that you wish to go for the festive seasons. Go with wood colours; or plank-like flooring that gives a good overall feel to your interior. They are “safer” in terms of colour matching with your festive-like furnishings and decorations.

Just remember these 3 simple flooring tips and you will definitely have a nice looking interior for your home this coming festive season!


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