The Best Vinyl Floor For Your Indoor Exercises

Having more time in the house now? Don’t just lie down, this is the best time for you to exercise and move those hips. Transform your home with the best vinyl floor for indoor exercises and other recreational activities. Choose a sustainable and sturdy flooring not just for this time, but also the time when […]

The Reassurance At Unassured Times: How To Floor With Security

For months, Singapore has seen the sinister COVID-19 ravage countries and territories, infecting people and causing a great impact on the society, economy, as well as our daily lives. The last time DORSCON Orange was activated was when the H1N1 pandemic happened in 2009, about a decade ago. It was not until one year later […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Decorating Your Ceiling Today

So, you have finished remodelling your floors and walls, and you think that you are pretty much done with the surface of your interior – or are you? Don’t forget to look up. The fifth wall in your home, better known as the ceiling, deserves some attention too. Miss this, and you will miss a […]