How Important Is Choosing The Right Vinyl For Your Home

What is the best type of flooring that you want for your home? This is the most daunting (and perhaps most exciting!) decision for most homeowners because they will be living with the floor for many years to come.

It actually pretty much depends on your preference. When you buy something that you like, you will feel good about it. The right flooring will set the right ambience and wow your guests when they visit your beautiful home.

Now that we understand that selecting the floor is very important, we need to choose it wisely. Think of it this way, what kind of feeling do you want when you step on it or what problems you do not want your floors to have? Ask yourself:

  • Is the flooring sound-insulated when you step on it?
  • Which area are you installing the floor? Do you need it to be 100% waterproof?
  • Do you have children? You know that when they reach a certain age, your children will tend to run around the house, right?
  • Do you have elderlies at home? Is the flooring slip-resistant?
  • Can it prevent scratches or dents that are caused by common household usage?
  • Would it cause detrimental health effects for you, your children and your family?

Almost all vinyl floor emits a certain level of formaldehyde due to its PVC layer. This is especially harmful to children and seniors’ health. Hence, it is very important to choose the right flooring with zero or minimal formaldehyde emissions.

Flooring brands such as Evorich Flooring is one of the top choices for healthy vinyl floor among home users and child care centres in Singapore today. It is easy to maintain, highly water-resistant, able to withstand heavy weights without causing dent or abrasion, and also highly slip resistance.

Take some time to choose the right flooring for your home; do some research on the type of flooring that you want. At the end of the day, the owner and his/her family must feel good with the overall look of their homes. Last but not least, enjoy living with your flooring for years to come!

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