What Kind Of Consequences Will You Face When You Ended Up With The Wrong Flooring?

Choosing the right flooring company and vinyl floor has become more important than ever. Not just because of the cost-effectiveness considerations and the product’s cost-performance ratio, but also the possible consequences that one would face when he or she ended up with the wrong flooring.

Be sure to make your decision wisely and carefully before you engage with the flooring contractor. Let’s have a look together at what are the consequences you might face when you fail to choose the right floor!

Ended Up Paying More
If you didn’t do your research thoroughly, you might end up spending more on a product that is performing less than its price value.

Solution: Why pay for more when you can mix and match your home surface needs under our Home Organic Makeover Experience (HOME) system? We have floors, decks, walls, ceilings, furniture, bathroom accessories and kitchenware all under one roof to offer. Purchase with purchase to enjoy joint discounts!

Common Flooring Problems That Show Too Soon
Ill-quality flooring will show sooner common floor problems or ageing signs such as gapping, warping and buckling issues before you use it for long enough. Thus, causing you unnecessary expenses and headaches.

Solution: If that’s what you are encountering now, ring our hotline for our Free Vinyl Screening Service to find out what’s wrong with the floor. Alternatively, you could replace the problematic area to our durable Evo HERF to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future.

No Credible Warranty
If your flooring only starts to show common floor issues years later after the purchase and it’s time to claim your warranty benefits, you might be shocked to find out that the company you have encountered has turned out to be a fly-by-night company and that it no longer exists.

Solution: At EVORICH Flooring, we offer Lifetime Residential Limited Warranty coverage for all Evo HERF products. Rest assured that we have been operating in this field for 16 years and are marching to the 17. Plus, we have an official paid-up capital of more than $1 million SGD to make sure that we can function for many years to come. Unsure? Check up on ACRA and be persuaded!

Health Be Affected
Worst of all, if you settle with a poorly manufactured product that is produced without filtering out the harmful substances or going through the detoxification procedure, your health might be affected on the long term through inhaling hazardous chemical and formaldehyde emissions without you noticing.

Solution: Certified by 14 local certifications by the reputable laboratories, Evo HERF is tested and proven low in 4 major chemical floor emission including TVOC, Formaldehyde, 4-Phenylcyclohexene and Phthalates. It is safe to use in households and would not pollute the indoor air quality.

Choose your floor contractor carefully, choose EVORICH Flooring. Pick your flooring wisely, pick Evo HERF. Talk to our specialists and discover more of its features today!

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