Select HERF For Your Modern Home

In general, homeowners tend to choose wood flooring for their homes as it helps to blend a little touch of nature into the interior. Wood flooring will soften the overall atmosphere of the area and allows one to feel relaxed and comfortable upon stepping into their homes, especially in houses filled with concrete walls and tiles.

Since not everyone can afford solid timber flooring in their homes as it is comparatively costly, a substitute for real solid wood is thus introduced into the market – High End Resilient Flooring (HERF).

Wood Alike Textures

High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) is a type of vinyl flooring but comes with wood alike textures and patterns. Its outlook looks similar to real wood and is available in an extensive range of colours that allows homeowners to match their ideal concept with the right colour tone.

Various Colour Tones

As a living room is more of an open area for relatives and friends to spend time together, lighter colour tones would be more preferable to give the place a brighter and spacious look. As for bedrooms, darker colour tones would be recommended to set a cosy and comfortable mood.


Water issues might be the primary concern for all homeowners when it comes to wood flooring. HERF is 100% waterproof which eases homeowners’ worries and fears when they have forgotten to close their windows before leaving the house. It can be laid in high moisture areas such as kitchens and service yards thanks to its non-slip properties that would prevent homeowners from getting hurt from a fall.

Low Maintenance

Most importantly, the flooring mustn’t require much maintenance as maintaining a floor can be a hassle and is tedious. Choosing quality floorings would deem as a better choice to prevent homeowners from worrying about their floors in the long run.


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