How to Create a Lush Home Living Design with Your Floor?

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How to Create a Lush Home Living Design with Your Floor?

November 20, 2018
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How to Create a Lush Home Living Design with Your Floor?

The design and outlook of your home can look lush and more appealing to your guests when you use the proper type of quality flooring for your home. And it does not necessarily mean that your flooring must be expensive in order for your home to look luxurious.

Well, all you need to look at is these 3 basic aspects: 1) Choice of materials; 2) The quality of the flooring; 3) Comfort to the feet.

Let’s look into the details:

1. Choice of Materials

Choosing the type of flooring material is important as it determines the style of your home. To create a lush look for your home interior, wood flooring in strips and full plank designs are greatly recommended. This is because wood is more solid to the ground. Furthermore, rare wood species will be more appealing and can enhance your property value as well.

Today, with the advancement of technology, more homeowners are able to enjoy the luxury of real wood plank flooring with good engineered wood brands at affordable pricing. On top of that, unlike parquet where the designs are usually more limited, engineered wood flooring provides more choices. And it is not too expensive either. Also, homeowners get to enjoy the beauty of rare wood species without compromising on the environment with engineered wood.

2) The Quality of the Flooring

Lush flooring is not just about having a classic look or a rare piece of nature on your floor, nor is it about paying a great sum of money on the flooring. It is about quality. It is about how the flooring could last the homeowners for an exceedingly long period of time without losing its beauty and value. Hence, choosing a good quality flooring material, whether it is real wood or non-wood composite, is of utmost importance. The timeless quality of your flooring contributes drastically to that lush home living design of your abode.

The question is, what are the ways to choose a good quality kind of flooring? Well, do a thorough research is one. Gather a good interior designer and credible flooring contractor to assist you. Most importantly, the flooring should equip with functional properties such as high slip resistance, impact resistance, environmentally friendly, high water resistance, excellent durability, high dimensional stability, and the list goes on.

With an eye for such details on new floorings while doing your shopping; you have a better chance in getting the right kind of flooring for your home that will last for a relatively long period of time.

3) Comfort to the Feet

The level of comfort you would enjoy upon stepping on your own piece of flooring is equally important. It’s really something that can’t be measured by the naked eye. Homeowners have to feel for that. A comfortable floor is more firm to the ground. On the other hand, it mustn’t be too cold nor warm to the feet. Hence, a thermal resistant property is another thing you can look at when selecting your floor among the flooring brands in the market.

As the saying goes, “the choice is yours”. By having good knowledge about the floor beneath your feet, you could easily select the high-grade floor product for your home that is better in quality.

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