High End Resilient Flooring ~ Residential & Commercial Uses

High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) is also known as “waterproof laminate flooring” by some interior designers in Singapore due to its waterproof essence. It is one of the most versatile floorings to be introduced into the flooring industry as a strong substitute to laminate and timber flooring. In this article, we will look at where such flooring can be installed and why is it so.

Residential Use

High End Resilient Flooring can be installed in bedrooms and in high traffic areas such as corridors, entrances and living halls. One of the properties of High End Resilient Flooring is high impact resistant that is estimated to be more than 2 times better than laminate flooring. On top of that, High End Resilient Flooring can be installed even in “wet and dry” areas such as dining room and kitchen due to its waterproof nature. On the other hand, laminate flooring is resistant to water but is NOT waterproof. Hence, it is not recommended to install it in humid living areas such the kitchen.

People living near forested areas need not worry about issues such as termite or any form of wood decaying agents that will affect the quality of the flooring. Since High End Resilient Flooring is not constructed from wood, the floor will not attract dust mites, termites or wood eating insects.

Apart from that, High End Resilient Flooring is also best for homes housing elderly folks and young children. This is because the flooring is highly slip-resistant due to its rough “wood” embossed surface.

High End Resilient Flooring comes with a high commercial grade wear layer that makes it very durable to be used in both residential and commercial application. So, let’s have a look at its commercial uses.

Gym Flooring

Due to its strong resistance to heavy impact, High End Resilient Flooring can also be used in all kinds of gyms, yoga studios and dance studios. Traditional carpets used in gyms, if not clean regularly, will accumulate dust mites and sweat stench. Thus, resulting in a surrounding air quality that is not fresh and clean for gym users. Using High End Resilient Flooring will solve such common issues as it is 100% waterproof, odour-free and stain resistant.

Restaurant Flooring

Well, to serve a large number of diners daily at the same time providing them with a clean and neat environment, regular cleaning of the dining areas is a must. High End Resilient Flooring is, therefore, suitable for restaurant interior design. Its “wood alike” nature also creates that sense of luxury atmosphere especially for boutique restaurants, hotel bars and cafeteria.

Child Care Centres & School Flooring

When choosing a High End Resilient Flooring brand, one has to look at whether such flooring is safe and healthy; especially for young children. Hence, the very first thing to look at is whether the floor is tested and proven to be low in formaldehyde emission. Another thing to look at will be the installation. High End Resilient Flooring installation uses patented click interlocking system that requires zero glue approach. It easily resolves most issues faced by the management of child care centres such as cleanliness and young children’s safety. Other than child care centres, High End Resilient Flooring is also suitable to install in school classrooms, tuition centres and indoor playgrounds.

Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls

High and constant walk-in traffic is very common in retail outlets and shopping malls. Poor-quality laminate flooring might result in dents, damages and scratches. High End Resilient Flooring has a stronger advantage over laminate flooring due to its relatively stronger and more durable features.

Demand for High End Resilient Flooring has been increasing tremendously ever since it was first introduced into the Asian market. Today and in the future, more residential and commercial property owners shall have a “peace of mind” by installing High End Resilient Flooring to their properties.


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