High End Resilient Flooring in Singapore Homes Today

High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) is one of the latest flooring product categories in the Singapore market today. With its 100% waterproof and termite-proof feature, HERF is considered as a strong substitute to traditional laminate flooring and parquet wood floor. As the society has become more affluent and homeowners are getting busier and busier, the demand for HERF is gradually increasing as well.

Flooring Trend Changes With The Society

As society improves, people’s living standard rises simultaneously; it is becoming more common to see double-income families today than in the past. As such, working parents are more tend to look for products that require zero or less maintenance so that they could spend more quality time with their families. High End Resilient Flooring is a type of floor that requires very little maintenance, therefore it fits perfectly well into this demand bracket.

Requirement for Better Design and Comfort at Home

As society advances, homeowners are starting to look for new, creative ways to apply to their living spaces as well as design and decor needs. They are no longer satisfied with plain looking tiles or parquet but something more than that. Young homeowners are also looking for “wood design” flooring in order to give their homes that unique, luxurious and comfortable look. Some High End Resilient Flooring designs emulate that of real woods with the groove lines and texture; thus, giving homeowners a wider selection of colour choices.

Safety is Still Priority

As more and more homeowners are educated on getting the right kind of furniture and furnishing products for their home, they are beginning to look for quality flooring products that best suit their living spaces as well. Home safety is often the most important criteria, especially for indoors. It is always the best policy to select flooring that is certified to have low formaldehyde emission rate for safer indoor air quality, especially in enclosed spaces.

Another point we can look at is the importance of having a flooring with high slip resistance properties. According to a review report taken from the Singapore Medical Association (SMA), there is a quote that says:

“Injuries in the elderly is a significant problem. Most of the injuries occur at home and falling is the commonest cause.”

Other than being extra careful in order to prevent from falling, choosing a good quality flooring product with a high level of slip resistance is equally significant as well; especially if the family has elderlies or young children around. On top of that, also look for flooring with good impact resistance so that if falling accidence did occur, the impact will be lessened and “cushioned” to minimise injury.

Authentic High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) products have both excellent slip and impact resistant features, thus making it one of the recommended floorings in Singapore today.

Understanding your flooring is essential, especially for new homeowners. Keep in mind to always look for quality products in terms of safety, design and maintenance while shopping for your flooring.


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