4 Maintenance Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Deck

Life’s too short and money’s too tight to spend on recurring expenditure in fixing an underperforming decking. Sometimes, a little extra effort will make several years of difference in term of its lifespan. Also, making it stay in good shape even after years of usage.

As a decking expert in Singapore, here are some of the maintenance tips we would like to share with you to save you from the headache and money spent:

1. Regular Sweeping

Sweep your decking on a regular basis to prevent dirt, leaves or other debris from staining the deck. Debris collects moisture, and moisture is a contributory factor to rotting and termite issues. Regular sweeping is probably the simplest yet most essential way to prolong the lifespan of your deck.

2. Use The Right Cleaning Solution

Can a wrongly chosen cleaning solution damage the look of your deck? Well, most likely! Check the formulas of the deck cleaners before purchase. Avoid using bleach as it is extremely corrosive and could damage the surface.

3. Don’t Paint Your Deck

Avoid painting your deck as this added layer will eventually peel and lead to more touch-up works and higher maintenance costs. Also, painting or using a solid-colour stain with no sealer will trap moisture inside the deck, leading to possible mildew problems or water damage.

4. Make A Roof For Your Deck

Even if your decking is constructed from waterproof materials, it will eventually start to wear out even faster if there is no cover on top to block it from sunlight, rainwater or leaves particles. Consider installing a gutter or a grill vent along the drip line to divert the water dripping from the roof.

Also, it is important to replace the decking plank as soon as failure starts to show to avoid having to change the whole deck. If that happens, replace it with a much more sturdier option — such as our evoDECK!

evoDECK is an improvement of regular composite decking. With evoDECK, messes can be easily wiped off because its guard polymer will not allow liquids to permeate. This way, you don’t have to worry about water damage anymore. Also, you don’t need to paint, sand or oil the deck since it already comes with multichromatic colours.

Looking for a substitution for your failing deck? Contact us here and let our deck specialists guide you through a smooth and fuss-free decking installation process!

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