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Milestone Marked – Local Flooring Brand EVORICH® crowned as SPBA 2018’s “Established Brand”

December 6, 2018

Lights, camera, action. And the spotlights go to EVORICH® Flooring Group!

EVORICH® has been named by the organisation committee of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2018 to be the distinguished winner under the “Established Brands” category among other local brands in Singapore.

Inaugurated in 2002, Singapore Prestige Brand Award is an annual premier local award program co-founded by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao recognising the remarkable performances of Singapore’s companies in their branding journey and effort contributed to the overall enhancement of the country’s economic growth.

“We are extremely excited that our efforts are being seen and being recognised by one of the leading award organisations in the country,” said the Group Managing Director, Dennis Teo. “Although we are expanding pretty fast throughout the years, we still stick to our principle and true to the belief that providing Singaporeans with the safest and eco-friendly flooring products they can trust is our ultimate goal and mission. We will never waver on that.”

Since the humble establishment of the company in 2003, EVORICH® had evolved from a local startup to one of the flooring giants in the industry with outlets in 6 different nations across Asia countries. The flooring group kept the principle of “profit is secondary” as the core value of the company. Legal advocacy from EVORICH’s lawyer is in progress to protect EVORICH®’s creation Evo HERF® from brand imitators after it gains its fame. The brand inventor continues to stay strong and advocate the fact that EVORICH® is the sole, genuine creator of Evo HERF® for the ultimate safety and health of the public.

The SPBA 2018 Presentation Ceremony was held at The Ritz-Carlton on 1st November 2018 while EVORICH® was invited as the winning party to receive the honour. Representatives from the flooring group were formally dressed to show their respect for the occasion and share the glory of the company.

Being the sole creator of Evo HERF® and HERF ISOCORE®, the local brand undertakes the commitment to continue introducing more high grade, diverse products to the flooring market for the mass to enjoy. Also, to accomplish more significant accomplishments in the future.

EVORICH® would like to take this exceptional opportunity to express their appreciation for the SPBA organising committee, beloved family and friends, treasured employees as well as unwavering supporters for being the main drive in pushing the company to mark yet another milestone and a glamorous closing for the year of 2018.