EVORICH Takes the Responsibility to Absorb Your Poisonous Vinyl

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EVORICH Takes the Responsibility to Absorb Your Poisonous Vinyl

March 1, 2019

Floor purchasing decision is all about price comparison, product features, installation fee, enticing package, brand reputation or after-sales service as it is only a bottom layer that covers the cement so you can walk on? Think deeper. The plank that accounts for a significant part of your interior should not be a random decision.

As the freedom to do business in Singapore becomes more and more prevalent, it is not hard to imagine that the overall quality in the flooring market gets dragged down by second-rate floor companies and mediocre products. It is worrying to learn that the current market is flooded with counterfeiting products that are produced unethically without taking the end-users’ health into consideration.

Have you ever get your flooring tested or ask your salesperson to show you valid test reports? Your vinylfloor may contain high toxicity or poisonous compounds! The level of chemical composition and emission of the floor should be the first and foremost concern of all purchasing considerations. It is you and your family’s safety and health that are at stake.

Flooring comes with
high chemical emission rate could lead to eyes or nose discomfort as well as throat and respiratory irritant. Worst of all, permanent cancer or causing damage to the immune system of your newborn infants or children.

As a national flooring brand of Singapore, EVORICH feels the strong responsibility to take care of the well-being and safety of our fellow citizens. We pride ourselves for providing vinyl flooring with chemical emission at ultra-low levels and are verified by government-approved laboratories after undergoing rigorous tests.

Now, your family could be inhaling from harmful vinyl as each minute passes by without noticing. To help you transit to a safe flooring, EVORICH will purchase your poisonous vinyl and assist you to replace them with a valid laboratory tested and verified vinyl flooring as a token to show our sincerity and that we are true to our words. EVORICH will be the first flooring company in Singapore to do so because we believe that everyone should lead a quality, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Don’t worry, be happy! You are welcome to bring along a piece of your floor plank for it to be tested at our in-house vinyl testing laboratory. Look for EVORICH’s safest floor at:

📍 Gallery: 16 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528873 (Behind SAFRA Tampines)

📱 WhatsApp: +65 8795 2118