EVORICH Flooring Will Not Tolerate Infringement Of Her Company Name and Vinyl Floors

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EVORICH Flooring Will Not Tolerate Infringement Of Her Company Name and Vinyl Floors

October 18, 2019

EVORICH will not tolerate infringement of any sort. Through recent discover and anonymous report, it is revealed that certain flooring companies, in specific JOTTERWOOD, has usurped EVORICH Flooring’s company name and her trademarked term “Evo HERF”. EVORICH Flooring declares that there are no business relations with these companies. Consumers should exercise due diligence when shopping for the right flooring.

Singapore homeowners should always remember to check the company profile of a new vinyl flooring player they are about to purchase from, if have not done so. There are two main categories which they should look up for: the years of operation and paid-up capital of the vinyl company. These types of information are open, transparent and could be easily found online:

  1. Search for Business Entities through this portal: https://www.acra.gov.sg/.
  2. Contact legal@evorich.com.sg for FREE analysis and consultation.

How to distinguish the vinyl warranty that a flooring company issue to you is credible?

  • The justifiable paid-up capital of that company should be at least $1 million SGD. This shows that the business is sustainable to give consumers warranty rights.
  • Any amount lesser than that may imply that the company has a comparably weaker financial. Such companies are often NOT credible, NOT stable, and NOT sustainable.

In the event if homeowners got confused and had purchased vinyl floors from a dubious origin as shown in the screenshot below, they could reach out to EVORICH Flooring for FREE advice and FREE vinyl screening to inspect the faulty floors which they had mistaken as Evo HERF.

It is EVORICH Flooring’s job to serve all Singapore homes with the SAFEST VINYL. The vinyl that is safe for both residential and commercial purposes must pass 14 tests from Singapore’s Setsco & TÜV laboratories, which EVORICH’s Evo HERF is qualified for.

With the flooring market oversaturated with vinyl floor players, EVORICH Flooring stands strong with a history of 16 years and an exclusive 11-year product – Evo HERF to assume authority as the trusted specialist for vinyl and good vinyl clearance checks.

EVORICH sets the standards for safe-to-breathe vinyl in Singapore and is the sole authority for breathable, right floors. Never fall victim to hazardous floors that have the potential to impair or shorten your lifespan. Breathe safe vinyl, starts from breathing Evo HERF.

EVORICH’s lawyers will issue an official legal letter to Jotterwood to settle the dispute through legal actions. Any unethical company who tries to benefit from a reputable, trusted flooring brand amidst an economic downturn will face serious charges from its rightful owner. The aggrieved party is currently engaging with a law firm to investigate the case, and further announcements will be made regarding the posting of the letter. Do stay informed for more updates.

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