Are You A Vinyl Floor Victim: Omega Studio’s Promotion Scheme Involves in Trading Infringing Product With The Word “HERF”

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Are You A Vinyl Floor Victim: Omega Studio’s Promotion Scheme Involves in Trading Infringing Product With The Word “HERF”

May 22, 2020


Omega Studio has released a series of vinyl floor promotion that has been running for months, only to be found out that it could be a possible “fraud” to fool the public.

Omega Studio, a company who provides home renovating services, states in their promotion package that they provide “supply and installation of 5mm HERF vinyl flooring”. The terminology used here, “HERF”, is a trademarked term exclusively hold by EVORICH Flooring and is authorised by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) under Class 27 and Class 19, with the Trademark Number of 40201620369Y.

Upon the report of a responsible public member and through further investigation, a result on QuestNet – the Singapore company search station shows that the status of this company is:


A company that is gazetted to be struck off or in other words, about to cease operation, has a very high chance to close shop before promised works are fully delivered. Consumers may run a high risk of losing their deposit and payment to the company in the engagement phase. As for customers who have completed their transaction with them, they will no longer be protected by warranties of any sort once the company stops functioning. There is currently no known reason to why Omega Studio will be closing doors.

Shocked and disappointed, we would like to urge the public not to fall for the scam of a company with no promising future, no sustainable business, and would even go to the extent to infringe other entity’s registered term to benefit from the reputation another company has built over the years.

If you are a customer of Omega Studio or other flooring companies that you find suspicious, please come to us to seek redress. We will help you. EVORICH is the authority of vinyl flooring in Asia, and we have a running paid-up capital that exceeds $1,800,000. You may check it from

Apart from that, we are also the rightful creator and trademark owner of the said term “High End Resilient Flooring (HERF)”. You may notice that the name of some vinyl floor products has rhythmic similarities to the sound of HERF, such as L_RF, H_RV or H_RT. However, these impostors DO NOT have CaseTrust protection for their customers. So why risk yourself?

Be a wise consumer and come to us to verify. The chemical content of fake “HERF” might give you a terrible shock, but we will help you get the safest specs that suit your budget. During recession and crisis, the public can be easily “conned” in this kind of scenario. We are a lawful society and country, and such things should not happen.

Legal actions will be taken to set matters right regarding copyright infringement. Victimised consumers can come to EVORICH for help. So that when we bring the fake HERF or rhythmic-similar HERF sellers to court and when they go out of business, EVORICH will still help you to safely regulate your Vinyl.

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