Thanks for installing our new kitchen floors so professionally! It’s nice to see everyone working so systematically to achieve a gorgeous end result! Our kitchen looks wider with the herringbone pattern.

Joey Chiang

I would like to compliment Evorich for a job well done. The service and installation were top-notch. Special thanks to Mr. Larry for his dedication, patience and understanding to our needs. I would definitely recommend Evorich to my friends and family. Kudos to Evorich and Mr. Larry. Keep up the phenomenal work!

Muhamad Hisham

Awesome! Evorich Flooring did a wonderful job on our living room and kitchen floor. Their workers were personable and did a great job. We were very pleased with the workmanship! We would like to thank Derry Sim and his team for their effort and providing excellent service, much appreciated.

Farah Nizar

I am a repeated customer of Evorich HERF…I have been using HERF since my first house and I am using it again for overlay over my engineered timber flooring. The ease of mind from scratches and water really worth the investment. I must also give a big credit to Jaydon Soon for his professionalism and excellent after sales service. He never fails to turn up or follow up whenever I face some minor issues. Thank you very much and a big thumbs up!

Joanne Cheng

It has been almost two years since we installed Evorich’s HERF flooring and I am really glad that we chose Evorich! The flooring is durable, both child and senior friendly (anti-slipped), and is very easy to maintain clean. Friends and colleagues who visit for the first time often mistook our house for premium BTOs. It is very recommended to install Evorich’s HERF!

Sean Seah

Just done up my 4-room house. Thumbs up to Evorich. I myself was quite amazed with the product and workmanship. It was a resale unit, but when I decided to change the flooring, the whole interior also changed.

Dennis Thien Boon Bing & Wife

We love our choice of Evo HERF flooring for our home as it goes very well with the overall Modern Victorian look that we wish to achieve, making it the perfect cozy haven for us. With its waterproof feature, the flooring is suitable for households with kids and pets. Our cats like to run around the house and because it’s scratch resistant, we are grateful that the floor is still scratch-free. Thumbs up, Evorich!

Serene Goh

I would like to praise the installers for a very good job done! They are very meticulous and independent, even though we have so much furniture they managed to work around it and move everything nicely by themselves.

Lynn Ng