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EVORICH Flooring Shows Support & Ageing Concerns by Sponsoring Beautiful Floors for Mediacorp Drama “Old Is Gold”

July 20, 2019

At the age of increasing ageing population, the demographic shift in Singapore has inspired Mediacorp original dramas like “Old Is Gold” to surface the issue where the story revolves around a group of older seniors living together in a small care facility. Is living in a centre-based nursing home always a pitiful situation? Or is it a new form to start their glamorous second life?

The questions will be answered in the new serial drama presented by Mediacorp, the only national broadcaster of Singapore. And being the trusted, long-term flooring partner of Mediacorp, EVORICH Flooring once again take the honour of sponsoring beautiful Evo HERF for the studio set.

To help create an age-friendly environment for the country’s elder veterans who helped founded Singapore to have a better life in their old age, EVORICH Flooring has always strived to introduce floor, deck and wall products that provide all-rounded protection for everyone especially the senior citizens.

Evo HERF has a relatively higher performance in friction and traction than average floorings to prevent slipping accidents from happening. By sponsoring floorings that are highly slip resistance, EVORICH Flooring is glad to be a humble contribution by giving their support for TV shows like “Old is Gold” that convey the message of ageing concerns and raising such awareness to the society.

More can be done to accommodate the needs of the elderly Singaporeans. For instance, choosing EVORICH Flooring’s floor products that are high slip resistance, 100% waterproof, easy to maintain and low in chemical concentration. Feel free to contact the company here:

EVORICH R&D Building and FLAGSHIP Gallery: 16 Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528873 (Behind SAFRA Tampines)
WhatsApp: +65 8795 2118