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Are you aware of the formaldehyde in your flooring?

High Exposure to formaldehyde has been linked to health issues.


Formaldehyde is a primary irritant that triggers
all kinds of allergies.


Skin rashes are one of the symptoms,
which could also lead to hypersensitivity
and a chance of developing an allergic
contact dermatitis.


Formaldehyde is a primary irritant that triggers
all kinds of allergies.


Exposure to Formaldehyde emission
may cause a burning sensation to the


Fatigue and headaches are also some of the
symptoms of formaldehyde exposure, which can
also lead to vomiting.


1. Don’t just research on the pricing, but also the quality of the products.

2. Know about the formaldehyde standards that are deemed safe. It’s best to look for flooring that are rated as E1.

3. Ask for legit test reports to ensure that you are really buying safe floors.

EVORICH® flooring products are trusted by generations of Singaporeans and backed up by Singapore Laboratory test reports to provide only the SAFEST floors.

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Probiotics Vinyl Cleaner

Where good bacteria meets clean

Why is evoGUARD Probiotics Vinyl Cleaner important?

Probiotic Cleaning Solutions have beneficial bacteria that act as microscopic warriors that fight dirt and unwanted odours while maintaining a balanced and flourishing living environment.

Out proprietary blend of carefully selected probiotics unleash a continuous, targeted cleaning action that goes beyond surface-level results.

How to use?

Replace traditional multipurpose cleaner

Mop the vinyl flooring regularly

or wipe the surfaces with microfiber cloth

Leading the Revolution in Responsible Hygiene

Hospital Grade

Probiotics is used by Healthcare facilities around the world, giving it the highest standard of hygiene

Lasting Results

Probiotics are good living bacteria that continually clean after application unlike traditional multipurpose cleaners

Healthier Environments

Restore microbial harmony by using probiotics and avoid over-sterilisation

Eco-Friendly Choice

Biodegradable and using nature to clean is part of making a positive impact on the planet

Advanced Breakdown

Probiotics target grime, dirt and odour molecules as their source, eating harmful and trouble causing bacteria and dirt.

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