What is Engineered Wood Flooring?
What is Engineered Wood? The word "Engineered" may have you start to think about engineers, what they usually do for a living. Engineers focus on developing a process or system to produce something. Hence engineered wood is a kind of wood which has undergone much kinda of process. Right? To keep things simple for you, try to imagine that it is a sandwich made of wood. 

Let us look into this topic further.

Many people usually get confused between the difference between solid hardwood floors and engineered wood floors. Engineered wood is also known as  Pre-manufactured or Pre-Finished real wood due to its nature. An engineered wood floor plank is at least a 3 layered construction. Some engineered wood has up to 7 layers as well. All the layers will be glued together to form the complete wood plank.

The basic three layers consist of 1. Face Layer ( this is usually 100% real wood which has undergone the prefinishing process) 2. Core layer ( usually made of Hardwood, Compressed Plywoods or High Density Fibreboard- HDF) 3.  Base layer ( which are usually plywood)

In 1942, Tarkett has introduced a 3 layer hardwood flooring in order to save the forests. This has eventually formed the foundation for engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring slowly developed only during the 60s, approximately 20 years after Tarkett's invention of the 3 layer hardwood, to act as a cost effective substitute to all hardwood flooring. It became a hit ever since its advent. Many users began to feel the benefits engineered wood has over hardwood. Because of its pre-finished characteristic, an engineered has been "de-moisturised" and sanded before installation. This solve alot of swelling, warping floor problems created by solid hardwood in the past. An engineered wood therefore has longer life and durable than hardwood.

Engineered wood floors provide a real wood feel. This is because of its face layer. Hence for people who want a real wood flooring for their properties, engineered floors will be the the best of the best option. 

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