What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is also known as "photographed wood" coverings. It is an artificial flooring product which looks like real wood or sometimes like stones or PVC such as vinyl, marble and granite. Look a little bit closer and you may find it hard to tell the difference too. It is also called by many names such as sustainable wood flooring, 'picture' wood flooring, or 'substitute wood flooring by the world.

Laminate Floorboard Layers.jpg

A typical laminate floorboard is a combination of layering. It consists of 4 different layers which function uniquely as its own. The most outer layer is a clear coating that contains aluminum oxide which protects the board against direct impacts such as stains, wear and tear. The 2nd layer is known as "photographed" layer which portray the image of the floor. The 3rd layer is the "core" layer. This is the most strongest and stable part of the laminate floorboard. It is the skeleton. The last layer is known as the "back" layer usually created from resin paper that function to prevent moisture from occurring between the ground and the floorboard.

Today,laminate flooring is becoming more and more popular. As more people and corporations throughout the world became environmentally conscious, they begun to switch to laminate floor products. Because of its Eco-friendly nature, it saves a lot of trees and forests from being cut down in this world. Moreover, it also gives one home a natural look and it beautify your floors with a woody and cozy feel.

Looking back into the history, the first laminate wood was started in 1977 in a small company at the town of Perstorp Sweden, which is today's Pergo wood. In a short span of years, the growth of laminate flooring demand and the manufacturing of Laminate floors can been seen in America, Asia as well as every corner of the world. Years after the advent of laminate floors, "snap and click" method has been introduced for laminate floorboards, creating a 'glueless' approach to install flooring. 

Many wood flooring companies, which used to produced hardwood and solid timber flooring products back then, has begun their mass production of laminate flooring products in different designs and technology. Because of its origin, Europe stills remains as a major stronghold in manufacturing high quality laminate flooring products. Such major European flooring brands like Tarkett which has even surpassed its predecessors in terms of fines laminate finishes and designs.

The future of laminate flooring are bright and wide as more people in this world are going green to save our Earth.

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