Solid Wood Flooring ~ 3 Big Reasons Why People Invests in Timber Flooring

Solid Wood flooring is considered as one of the most expensive flooring in the world. It is not easy to maintain at all compare to most other flooring. However, there is still a rising demand for wooden flooring in Singapore today, here are the 3 big reasons why?


No doubt, home owners invests on solid wood floor for its luxury. As society is getting affluent and many people are getting richer, some begin to collect luxurious toys such as yacht & ferarris, pick out golfing, traveling to exotic countries etc; having a piece of hard wood flooring at one's premises portrays the person's status and luxurious image.

Increase Property Value

Solid timber flooring will enhance the value of its property. The growing trend in the numbers of property investors in Singapore and Asia is commonly seen today; property investors, in order to fetch the highest profit margin from their properties, will install solid timber floor to their investment properties in Singapore.


Natural Real Wood

Natural & organic wood flooring makes the surrounding air and environment clean and healthy. It does not accumulate dust mites and chemical emissions. Hence, wood flooring contributes greatly in enhancing a healthy living lifestyle for the families living with it.


For many centuries and beyond, wood flooring will still be considered as a popular demand among wood lovers who understand the true value and luxury of owning it.