Top 5 Most Wanted Flooring in Singapore
In today's affluent society especially in Singapore, many of us are looking for many kinds of luxury items such as sports cars, beautiful yachts, branded accessories and so on. The increasing affluence also like to more people switching to exquisite floorings such as wood floorings, carpets and granite over homogeneous tiles. 

Based on our biased research, here are the "Top Five Most-Wanted Flooring in Singapore."

1. Solid Wood Flooring

This is the most sought-after. A solid piece of wood floor reflects one's status and increase one's property value tremendously. It is the real thing. One's solid wood flooring is different from another's with its own natural uniqueness, look and feel. As we know solid wood is never expensive, so how can we get started at a limited budget? As what most of our clients do, they decorate their balconies or patios with solid wood which are suitable for outdoor decking. Such small decking area at their homes can add a touch of luxury and beauty to their homes. First timer to wood flooring can also considered installing engineered wood floor which is an inexpensive way to start with. There are some good engineered wood flooring brands in Singapore which are easy to maintain and you really cannot tell they are engineered wood. 

2. Stones Flooring

Natural stones lovers differ from wood lovers. They will invest heavily on rare and exotic stones flooring such granite and marble flooring to furnish their homes. It gives a cold touch when one feels the surface of a stone floor. 

3. Luxurious Carpets

Yes, this is not easy to maintain, the property owner need to clean the carpets regularly. However, it still gives a touch of luxury to the home. Good carpets are made of fine raw materials and are created by mastery carpet weaving experts. Carpets can also be used outdoors such artificial grass carpets, making one's patio or backyard a cozy resort-style turf.

4. High End Resilient Flooring

High end resilient flooring (HERF) is recently introduced into Singapore consumer market. It is a improved version of laminate flooring. It gives the property owners the look and feel of wood flooring homes. Moreover, it solves most of the problems wood floor or laminate floor have such as water leakage, termites attacks and floorboard warping. Since it is still new in the market, it may takes a while for more people to get used to this new kind of flooring.

5. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring still have its own demand since its advent in the late seventies. Due to mass 
production in the markets, laminate flooring has become more like a commodity than a luxury
want. For quicker profits, some laminate flooring manufacturers began to look for cost cutting 
ways to produced floorboards massively without looking into quality of the usage by the 
end user. Many dealers began to market laminate flooring in low prices over its quality. 
However. there are also still some manufacturers, who constantly produced laminate flooring
which other than being of a better quality, it is also healthy and friendly to the environment.

In conclusion, we all know that flooring is very subjective to the individual. Most importantly 
of all, is to choose one with the best quality; so that you will feel good at it. Right?

Copyrighted. Original Content by Dennis Teo, Evorich Holdings Pte Ltd