Why do Some Laminate Flooring Warped or Swollen?
Recently, there have been some complaints for laminate flooring users who had installed low quality floor boards to their homes or workplaces. Within a matter of months, their laminate floors has been warped or swollen up causing a unpleasant bump in some of the areas of the floor.

A few of them has approached me for advice, this is what I said to them.

A 'bump' or warping on laminate flooring is mainly caused by 3 things:

1) unevenness or sloped of the base ground
2) low moisture protection HDF laminate flooring board used by lower graded laminate flooring.
3) high humidity in the room being laminated.

For (1), before installing, the ground need to be tested for levelness. If laid on uneven grounds, there will be unescaped air bubbles trapped under the board which will result in warping in the long run.

For (2), because of mass production of laminate flooring in a highly competitive market, many people go for cheap prices instead of quality. Installing low quality floors, with little moisture protection will also result in warping. Here price is really a big matter because the amount to re-install the flooring again is very high as it involves in retrieving the existing floorboards and replacing it with the new ones.

For (3), if the owner's room is very humid. Say, you need to switched on the air con 24 hrs/7. Laminate flooring may not be suitable for you. As no matter how good quality laminate floors one have, very high humidity in the surrounding will definitely cause warping or swelling in time to come.

The best bet, you can consider if you afraid of having your swollen up in like few months to a year, use high end resilient flooring instead. This is because high end resilient flooring is able to withstand very strong humidity; moreover, it's waterproof unlike laminate floors which are water resistant only.

At the end of the day, selection of laminate flooring during the buying process is very critical. The owner need to do his or her due diligence as well as ask a lot of questions before making that buying decision.

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