Laminate Flooring Proper Maintenance & Care
Without proper maintenance and care for your laminate flooring, even if you have the best quality ones, you will still see problems on maintenance in the long run. Hence, if you have decided on having laminate floors for your home or workplace, then you should take the responsibility to take care of it.

If you are the lazy type of person, who do not like to clean your floors regularly like once a week; then laminate flooring may not be suitable for your lifestyle. Instead you can consider vinyl flooring or other types of resilient flooring.

Maintaining laminate floors are easy. Here are some simple steps for you to follow.

1. Since good quality laminate floors are easy to clean, you can easily clean the floors with the help of a broom, vacuum cleaner or a dust absorbing cloth.

2. Please do not pour or splash pails of water on the laminate flooring as this will definitely cause the floorboard to swell within months because of the water spillage. The best quality laminate floors are water resistant and not water proof. Hence it is also not suitable to be installed in wet kitchen areas and the bathroom. Before you buy the laminate floors, make sure the sales guy told you that it is water resistant. Be wary if any person told you that their laminate flooring are waterproof.

3. Hence, if your floors are slightly dirty, use a moist cloth or a well wrung mop over it.

4. Moisture and humidity are killers to laminate flooring. Hence, selecting quality laminate flooring is very important. This is because they have higher moisture resistant content than lower grade laminate floors. If your place need to be air-conditioned almost every day, high graded laminate flooring will be suitable for you. At least it will takes much longer period than a lower grade laminate floor, for replacement of new laminate flooring.

5. Stubborn stains like grease, tar, mud, shoes polish and nail polish can be cleaned easily with the right cleaning agents. If any liquid is spilled on the laminate flooring, you need to wiped off the liquid immediately. To prevent it from absorbing into the laminate flooring.

6. Please do not place your cold beer or damp materials such as ice boxes on the laminate flooring for more than 24 hrs.

7. Frequently accessed areas in the residential home such as entrances to rooms and living hall, should be protected with a doormat. For commercial retail outlets in shopping malls, which have heavy human traffic, it will be best for the owner to choose laminate flooring hardness of AC3 and above.  They are more durable to heavy impact on the floors.

8. Furniture legs should always be protected by felt pads or plastic caps to cushion the impact so as to not to cause a dent on the flooring.

Laminate flooring is an inexpensive option to beautify one's home or workplace; it gives the owner an air of luxury; one who knows how to properly maintain and care for their homes will consistently create their luxurious homes with little or no maintenance costs in the long run.

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