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Why Vinyl Flooring?

  • Vinyl floors are very easy to maintain, repair and clean.
  • It is cost effective compare to most types of flooring.
  • Inexpensive substitute to granite & marble tiles.
  • Because of its rubber composite and texture, Vinyl floors are much comfortable to walk on. This is the reason why vinyl is becoming so popular for kitchen and bathroom flooring.
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[Please note that all range of vinyl flooring are on supply basis only] 


NOX, an unique brand from Korea, has been a leading company in the world of vinyl flooring tiles today. The brand has made its achievements by getting international certification such as ISO 9001, Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) and Korean standard (KS). And for many years, NOX has been consistently giving the best vinyl flooring experiences to clients in the Asia Pacific region.

EVORICH HOLDINGS has the privilege to hold two of NOX bestselling vinyl products in Singapore; NOX Deluxe Tile and NOX Prime Tile collection.

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