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Why Engineered Wood Flooring?

  • Engineered wood is stronger and more durable as it is almost 100% made from real timber wood.
  • It protects the environment while also beautifies your floors.
  • It creates a "floating floor" platform where the ground is free from nails and screws attachment. Giving the floor a natural feel.
  • Engineered wood, due to its layering design, they are very stable and resistant to the contraction and expansion of wood that can cause by a change in the surrounding's temperature.
  • Engineered wood is so strong that it can be considered in any structural installation.
  • Many local major corporations, with the aim to obtain BCA Eco Building certification, have started to switch to engineered wood floors for their offices, malls and building.
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B.K.B Collection (

By constantly engaging on the expertise and technology from the highly acclaimed manufacturers from Europe, B.K.B has been continuously producing world class engineered wood flooring for the end user. Over the years, B.K.B has achieved reputable accreditation such as MS ISO 9001:2000. 

Because of its origin, B.K.B engineered wood flooring, is very suitable for floors in tropical climate such as Singapore, Malaysia and all parts of Asia.

Other than that, the unique feature about B.K.B engineered wood is its Hevea core layer. Unlike most other engineered wood which core layer is usually phosphorus, artificial high density fiberboard or plywood, Hevea has unique properties that it will not react readily with heavy moisture, temperature and humidity, making it one of the most stable wood in the world. Moreover, Hevea is a fast growing wood species and hence its resources is eco-renewable. What it means to the end user, is that they can enjoy beautiful and durable engineered wood flooring and at the same time, contribute to the eco-environment.

EVORICH HOLDINGS PTE LTD is very proud to be the exclusive distributor in Singapore for all B.K.B flooring products.

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Renowned Certifications Across The World For All B.K.B Products:
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