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What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

What is Engineered Wood? The word "Engineered" may have you start to think about engineers, what they usually do for a living. Engineers focus on developing a process or system to produce something. Hence engineered wood is a kind of wood which has undergone much kinda of processes. Right? To keep things simple for you, try to imagine that it is a sandwich made of wood.

Let us look into this topic further.

What is Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring is also known as "photographed wood" coverings. It is an artificial flooring product which looks like real wood or sometimes like stones or PVC such as vinyl, marble and granite. Look a little bit closer and you may find it hard to tell the difference too. It is also called by many names such as sustainable wood flooring, 'picture' wood flooring, or 'substitute wood flooring by the world.

What is High End Resilient Flooring?
High end resilient flooring is a new type of flooring recently introduced into the flooring Singapore market; it is an improved version of flooring to laminate, wooden flooring. It is also known as "water laminate flooring" by some interior designers and contractors in Singapore.

What is Vinyl Flooring?
Probably, you are thinking right now whether Vinyl flooring is related to Vinyl Records, right? They are not related at all.

Vinyl flooring is a new type of resilient flooring in the market. Resilient flooring is simply artificial composite floors such as rubber, plastic, PVC, linoleum and the latest vinyl. They are produced massively in many parts of the world especially North America. These synthetic flooring, which has been around for more than a century, to act as a cost efficient substitute to natural floors such as wood, concrete, ceramic and marble.

Understand Laminate Floor, Vinyl Floor and High End Resilient Flooring
Today laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and high end resilient flooring (HERF) have become some of the popular flooring options in Singapore; they portrays a cost effective flooring material as compared to ceramic tiles, wooden parquet as well as the expensive stones flooring like marble.

However, some consumers may often get confused between these three types of floor making them look similar to one another. However, they are not the same. Let's look at the difference.

To Mums and Dads: Looking for a Child-Friendly Floor?
Being parents is one of the happiest moments of your life especially when you see your children growing up healthily every single day. There is so much things a parent can give to a child, and one of the most important of all is a healthy and safe living environment at home.

The Common Types of Wooden Floor Options
Many consumers are sometimes confused by the numerous names of wooden flooring options. There are so many names such as parquet, teak, merbau, oak, palm wood and many more. So what kind of wood floor option is suitable for indoor or outdoors?

If you are looking for just wood flooring or decking only, you can simply classify the wood floor option into 4 major categories.


5 Simple Steps to Choose The Right Laminate Flooring
Today, there are many laminate flooring brands surfacing in the consumer market. This is especially good for the consumers because they could pick the best laminate floor out of their many choices. Picking the right laminate floor is very crucial today because you will be living with the laminate floors for long term. A wrong choice in laminate flooring will incur long term costs in terms of health and maintenance.

Here are your 5 Simple Steps to Choose The Right Laminate Floor:

Solid Parquet Floor vs Engineered Wood Floor
Originated in Versailles, France during the 16th century as "parquet de menuiserie" as an alternative floor to marble floor for the French noble. Parquet floors are french inspired, hence they are also known as wood mosaic woodwork.

Demand for parquet flooring are very high for decades until the advent of engineered wood flooring. Like many solid hardwood floor, a parquet floor has its common pros and cons.

Laminate Flooring Proper Maintenance & Care
Without proper maintenance and care for your laminate flooring, even if you have the best quality ones, you will still see problems on maintenance in the long run. Hence, if you have decided on having laminate floors for your home or workplace, then you should take the responsibility to take care of it.

What Are The Common Decking Materials in Singapore?
Wood decking has recently gained its popularity among Singaporeans and developed countries in Asia; more and more people begin to decorate their balconies and patios with wooden decks. However, most consumers and commercial owners still do not have much information on the decking materials which they chosen for their homes and workplaces. Consumers need to have adequate information on the decking materials that they going to choose because they are going to live with it long term.

Here are some important information on the common decking materials used in Singapore:

Why do Some Laminate Flooring Warped or Swollen?
Recently, there have been some complaints for laminate flooring users who had installed low quality floor boards to their homes or workplaces. Within a matter of months, their laminate floors has been warped or swollen up causing a unpleasant bump in some of the areas of the floor.

A few of them has approached me for advice, this is what I said to them.

Right Flooring for Your Home
What is the best type of flooring that you want for your home? This is the most daunting decision for most home owners because they know that they will be living with the floor for many years to come.  It will really depend on the preferences of the home owner; it's like buying a car or that particular boutique bag that you desired to have for a long time. When you bought something that you like, you will feel good about it. The right flooring will set the right ambience and wow your guests when they visit your beautiful home.

Wood Flooring ~ Basic Maintenance to Last a Lifetime
Walking on real wood flooring is a complete different experience compared to walking on laminate flooring. Having real wood flooring in one's home reflects status and luxury while it also increases the value of your home. Similar to buying cars, real wood floor is equivalent to buying a Rolls Royce or BMW. However wood flooring, if not maintained well enough, it will cost much more in terms of repair and refurnished.

Top 5 Most Wanted Flooring in Singapore
In today's affluent society especially in Singapore, many of us are looking for many kinds of luxury items such as sports cars, beautiful yachts, branded accessories and so on. The increasing affluence also like to more people switching to exquisite floorings such as wood floorings, carpets and granite over homogeneous tiles

Based on our biased research, here are the "Top Five Most-Wanted Flooring in Singapore."

Engineered Wood Flooring ~ Cleaning & Maintenance
Here are some interesting questions that we received from one of our clients recently on maintenance of engineered wood flooring.

1. What are the maintenance requirements?  Just damp mopping with parquet detergent works?
2. As I have young children, likelihood to cause scratches or dents to these floorings. How to remedy?  Can a particular strip be replaced?
3. Any varnish required on the engineered wood flooring after installation?

Health Conscious Laminate Flooring in Singapore?

Today, there are a lot of laminate flooring brands in the market. Laminate flooring is easy for mass production as it is highly demanded in the market due to its cost effectiveness compare to solid wooden flooring.

Home owners should be equipped with the knowledge about the health and safety aspects of laminate flooring as well.

Eventually, there will be an increase in quick profit-minded manufacturers who will produce laminate floors massively that are of lower quality and harmful to the human health in the long run.

Need a Private Wood Decking Corner At Your Home?

Solid wood decking in the residential home seem to be an expensive and luxury home furnishing item; in fact, it is not so. Your balcony decking not only beautifies your home with a touch of luxury, it also adds the value of your property.

Sitting on a beach chair at your own private wood decking corner while reading the morning newspaper. Sipping a cup of warm coffee while gazing your sight at the horizon scenery outside your window. Just relax, and laze around your private decking area for that moment.

The Rising Trends of Singapore's Outdoor Decking Market

It has been quite awhile when we start seeing home owners getting their balconies and planters all decked up! This is because in new private housings as well as public housing estates today, we are seeing that balconies and planters areas are becoming increasingly commonplace. Hence therefore, it gives rise to the demand for common outdoor decking materials such as Eco wood, natural wood and WPC.

Solid Wood Flooring ~ 3 Big Reasons Why People Invests in Timber Flooring

Solid Wood flooring is considered as one of the most expensive flooring in the world. It is not easy to maintain at all compare to most other flooring. However, there is still a rising demand for solid wooden flooring in Singapore today, here are the 3 big reasons why?

Wood Flooring ~ Choose The Right Color for Your Home

Today, having wood flooring in your home contributes to enhancing home décor beauty as well as increasing the value of your property. With regards to choosing the right wood species and color for your home, it will solely depend on your own preferences. If you do not have an experienced interior designer by your side, do not worry. By following the simple steps below, you can choose the best preferred wood color that will complement the entire décor of your house.   

Laminate Flooring Installation

Today, other than getting quality laminate flooring for your home, another most important thing to look for is the relevant skills of the laminate flooring installer. A simple knowledge of how laminate flooring is installed in a proper way may help to find a suitable laminate flooring contractor to assist you on installing that beautiful piece of  flooring in your home.  

Many may feel that laminate flooring is complicated to install. In fact, it is not, here are the 3 simple steps to laminate flooring installation:

Eco Wood Decking Vs Composite Decking
Composite wood, also know as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is considered as the latest edition in the decking industry. It is usually made up of a composite of wood and plastic fiber contents to make it resilient to weather. However, it also imposes some disadvantages as compared to using natural Eco wood as decking materials.

Laminate Flooring or Engineered Wood Flooring? Which one is better?
This question has often been dawned upon the flooring contractors almost everyday from their customers. Laminate or engineered wood? Which one is better?

In fact, both are equally good in their own ways, in terms of usage, design and durability.

Both are also at a reasonably and relatively much lower pricing than that of a solid piece of wooden flooring. Hence, the only way to look into the difference will be examining the pros and the cons of having either one of the flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring ~ How to Choose The Right One?
Engineered wood floor provides the home owner with a wide variety of real wood species for their home. Today, there is an increase in the number of manufacturers of engineered wood. Just like laminate flooring, there will be huge differences in pricing as well as qualities for an engineered wood.

So the question is, how to choose the right one?

Difference Between Vinyl Flooring & High End Resilient Flooring
Since the advent of high end resilient flooring, many home owners often get it confused with vinyl flooring. Since both are not made up of wood and has water proof characteristic, both types of flooring seems to be very similar to one another.

However, high end resilient flooring is very much different from conventional vinyl flooring. Here are the reasons why:

New Eco Trend ~ Using Engineered Wood For Commercial Projects

Today, in order to encourage the building of eco green architectural projects, many business leaders and building professionals have hence work together to start the trend, in creating a more conducive and sustainable environment through the use of eco-friendly building materials.

About Wood Trellises and Pergolas
Pergolas and trellises are a great way to highlight the colors of your home atmosphere, creating an al-fresco outdoor area at the comfort of your home. Pergolas and trellises greatly enhance the design of your garden in a much intimate and comfortable way. 

A New Type of Flooring for Commercial Offices?
Some commercial office interior designers in Singapore have started using high end resilient flooring for their clients. Because most business owners in Asia usually rent office spaces from building management for an average period of about 3 to 7 years per location, hence office flooring is usually carpeted. Expensive wood flooring is not considered at all either because of its high material cost. Both carpet and wood flooring are "susceptible" to water damage, hence cleaning and maintenance needed to be done regularly. Long term operational costs will therefore increase gradually as a result.

Ironwood Decking : Pros and Cons
What is iron wood? This is one common question many home owners and commercial property owners will ask. Iron wood represents a category of wood species that are considered for their natural toughness and hardness. Iron wood is oftenly represents the hardest timber species in the world. However, iron wood also has its disadvantages.

Is Laminate Flooring Getting Popular in Private and Public Residential Projects?
Traditionally, most condominium and public residential projects in Singapore are installed with parquet especially for the bedroom flooring.Home owners and builders are usually restricted to limited choices, it's either oak or teak parquet and the colors are much standardised; on top of that, parquet is prone to scratches and discoloration in which it incur maintenance costs such as parquet restoration and wood varnishing. Due to these reasons, property owners and developers started to look for an alternative and cost effective floor option and it seems that laminate flooring is on the top of their list.

Laminate Flooring vs Wood Flooring
"Should I install laminate or wood flooring for my home?"

This is one common question many home owners will ask their interior designers. Rule of thumb, if the owner is looking at getting more design outlook for the home & at a affordable pricing, laminate floor may be the choice. If the renovation budget is high and the owner prefers solid wood feel, then he or she can consider wood flooring.

Eco Decking in Singapore. New Trend to Re-Appreciate Nature?
More home owners today have put in much emphasis on building beautiful decks in their outdoor balcony. Due to limited living spaces in new estates, young & affluent home owners are beginning to look for ways to design their homes uniquely from their neighbors; Thus, having an Eco friendly landscape corner inside a HDB flat or high rise condominium has becoming a trend recently.

High end resilient flooring ~ Residential & Commercial Uses
High end resilient flooring is also known as "waterproof laminate flooring" by some interior designers in Singapore due to its waterproof nature. It is one of the latest type of flooring being introduced into the flooring industry as a strong substitute to laminate and timber flooring. In this article, let's look at where such flooring can be installed and why is it so. 

Ironwood Vs Chengal
Two of the most popular natural wood species commonly used in South East Asia, for woodwork construction such as trellises and decking, are Chengal and Iron Wood.

Home owners and developers, before selection of wood, are likely to compare the characteristics between the two. However, there is still lack of credible resources to support the decision.

Let's look at both the pros & cons:

New Eco Friendly Wood ~ Accoya®
In today's building and architectural industry, we are beginning to see a growing trend in advocating sustainable and Eco green philosophy into worldwide buildings and architectures especially in recent developing regions such as Southeast Asia. 

Accoya®, the natural wood with the most Eco accreditation, has recently been introduced into the Southeast Asia market at the right time.

An Deeper Understanding About Wood Flooring
Wood flooring adds luxury and style to your property. Although there is no accurate number of tree species in the world, the number is estimated to about 25,000. Wood can be made for indoor and outdoor purposes. Wood flooring is widely appreciated for its rareness and natural beauty.

In this article, let's go deeper to understand more about the natural properties  of wood flooring:

Eco Healthy Flooring ~ A Better Choice Today
Today, we see a growing trend in the indoor and outdoor flooring industry towards a more eco living culture. The demands of home owners and commercial outlets owners are no longer merely looking at getting a floor that's all, many of them are beginning to look for a new healthy living lifestyle for themselves, their families, co-workers and their clients.

Wood For Marina Decking? Is It Possible?
Traditionally, wood is not advisable for marina decking such as jetty construction and canal sidings; this is because constant contact with water and salt will destroy conventional wood eventually. 

Select HERF For Your Modern Home
Usually, homeowners love to choose wood flooring for their homes as it helps to add a little touch of nature into the interior. As a home is filled with concrete walls and tiles, wood flooring helps to calm down the whole atmosphere of the area and allow one to feel relax and comfortable once they step into their home. Not everyone can afford to install solid timber flooring into their homes as it is costly hence a substitute of real solid wood is introduced into the market- High End Resilient Flooring (HERF).

A Home Depicts Your Character And Status
Status is very important in the modern society hence there is an increase in the number of people who are willing to spend their money on renovations, better quality cars as well as items that they used. It is another form of displaying their wealth and at the same time they get to enjoy better living standards.

Can Your Flooring Set the Mood of Your Home Interior?
Can your flooring set the mood for your home? The answer is a resounding "Yes"; selecting the kind of flooring for your home, do sets a different kind of mood and individuality for your living atmosphere. And this depends on what kind of areas you are looking at.

Understanding the Difference between Pressure Treated Wood and Acetylated Wood
Especially for home owners, developers or architect when they want to do decking or outdoor structures for their properties, an understanding about wood enhancement method and technology is important. Generally, there is 2 main technology for wood enhancement, Pressure Treatment and Acetylation. Enhancement of wood increase its resistance to insects especially termites and also fungal growth. However, we may need to look beyond these 2 purposes by understanding the differences.

High End Resilient Flooring in Singapore Homes Today

High End Resilient Flooring (HERF) is one of the latest flooring products category in the Singapore market today. With its 100% waterproof and termite proof feature, HERF has been considered as a strong substitute to traditional laminate flooring as well parquet wood floor. As society becomes more affluent and home owners are getting busier, demand of HERF is rising gradually as well.

Going For An Eco Friendly Floor
Today, there are many global issues that require our concern such as deforestation as well as global warming. As there are insufficient wood supplies to fulfill the high demand of wood products needed, many illegal logging are happening around the world which affects the natural habitats and the depletion of rainforests. This is a huge concern hence there is a need to educate the public to support the green campaign by going for eco friendly products.

Wood Flooring For Your Perfect Home
Every individual longs to have a beautiful and unique home that is different from the others. It is worth investing in renovation if you are going to stay at the same place for many years to come. Every single detail of your house is important in order to create the perfect outlook and ambience that suits your taste and character.

How to Create a Lush Home Living Design with Your Floor?
The design and outlook of your home can look lush and more appealing to your guests when you use the right type of quality flooring for your home. And it does not mean that your flooring must be expensive in order for your home to look luxurious.

Laminate Flooring in Singapore Homes Today

Laminate flooring has been one of the popular floor options among home owners in Singapore today. It came into the market with a wide variety of designs and colors available for home owners to choose from. Home owners have more choices compare to limited selection of floor options such as parquet or ceramic tiles in the past. On top of that, laminate flooring is a more cost efficient investment.

Flooring That Suits Your Home Interior Concept
For many new homeowners, they would want to have their homes renovated in order to have a cozy and well decorated place to stay in. They are willing to fork out their savings to transform their original and dull interior into a fascinating and pleasing space. Every individual have different design concepts that they fancy hence it would be good to go for the look that best suited them as re-renovating can be a hassle. When it comes to choosing flooring for your home interior, it is recommended to go for quality flooring to prevent you from spending too much time on maintaining your flooring.

Why Using Tropical Engineered Wood Flooring is Recommended for Singapore Homes?
Engineered wood flooring has been seen as a new breakthrough in wood floor technology; more young home owners are able to have the luxury and comfort of real wood flooring without spending a hefty sum in the renovation compare to investing in solid wood. However, in countries like Singapore where humidity and moist levels are high, not all engineered wood floor brands can be recommended locally.

Forget About Drama; Quality Flooring is All About Health, Safety and a Better Lifestyle
As simple as it would be, a good quality flooring product simply portrays 3 main characteristics, health, safety as well as giving the home owners and its family a better home living lifestyle. Nothing dramatic at all. These are basically the three things a home owner may need to look into when it comes to shopping for a good quality flooring that will last anyone for a longer period of time.

Floorings For Your New Home

After obtaining the key for your new home, it is time to decide on your interior furnishings before moving in. Nowadays, many homeowners would choose to have their homes renovated as it can be a form of displaying their wealth and at the same time they are able to enjoy better living standards with their beloved ones. As most of the homeowners would be living in their house for a long period of time, investing in renovation is worthwhile. Changing of flooring can be a hassle hence making the right quality flooring choice that suits your family members is important to prevent any extra renovation to your flooring in the near future.

Evorich Flooring Tips: How to Maintain Your Outdoor Decking?
Your outdoor decking is beautiful to your home, it provides an exclusive alfresco-like resting area for your family and you. Hence, maintaining regularly to make your decking last for a longer period of time is a requirement for you. Generally, there are types of decking commonly found in Singapore homes. They are wood plastic composite decking as well as natural wood decking.

Evorich Flooring Tips: Choosing a Good Quality Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring creates a luxurious setting in your home where you can enjoy real wood flooring comfort with little investment on the renovation. It is also a sustainable product which safeguards our environment. As the demand for engineered wood rise over a period of years, many engineered wood products begin to sprout up in the market, hence there is a need to select a good quality one.

Select The Right Installer For Your New Flooring

Renovating your home can takes up plenty of time and energy from choosing materials to the final completion of your home. Good coordination as to when each individual installer has to come in to install is essential to meet the deadline of the whole renovation works. As hacking of existing flooring would takes up a few days of the renovation works, many homeowners would tend to choose laminate flooring to speed up the process of their whole renovation.

HERF, A New Substitute To Laminate Flooring

There is an increasing demand of choosing overlaying methods of new flooring on their existing floors by homeowners. It is a cost effective way of obtaining a brand new flooring as homeowners get to save on the sum of money to do hacking of old flooring and searching for a rental apartment to stay during the days to have their hacking done. Solid wood flooring are costly and not everyone can afford to have it for their home hence laminate flooring is introduced into the flooring market to meet the needs of the wood-lover homeowners.

Subtle Home Design with Good Quality Flooring
With the advancement in technology, there are many good quality flooring products with a wide array of designs and colors that suit unique groups of home owners with different kind of style preferences. In this article, let's look at what kind of flooring design can be recommended for home owners who are keen on a subtle and simplicity way of living lifestyle.

Shopping Tips for Your Balcony Decking
Today in Singapore, especially in the newer private and public apartments, balcony decking is becoming commonplace. The demand for balcony decking materials is also seen on the rise. With the massive availability of decking products today, buying a good quality and safe decking product for your balcony is therefore, of the utmost importance.

Complete Your Home With Nice Quality Flooring
Flooring is an asset for your home as quality and beautiful flooring can increase the value of your property. Not only does it make the entire apartment cozy and comfortable, choosing the right flooring helps to enhance the beauty of your interior. Flooring makes your interior looks complete and transform a dull and plain looking home into an attractive and vibrant looking place when new quality flooring is installed. It is always recommend going for quality flooring to prevent any other hassle such as repairing or changing of the damaged flooring after installing the new flooring for a few months.

What Homeowners Always Look Out For When It Comes To Flooring
There are many different types of flooring materials for homeowners to pick and choose. It ranges from soft materials such as carpets to hard surface flooring such as tiles flooring and wood flooring. Homeowners are able to choose and match the right flooring that suits their concepts as well as flooring that they fancy and feel comfortable stepping on. Out of the many choices, there are some factors that homeowners would look out for when they are deciding on their flooring choices.

Outdoor Decking Trend in Singapore
Sipping a cup of cappuccino while you read the morning papers in that cozy alfresco area at your apartment's balcony; this is a trend that we are seeing now; home owners especially the younger generation of home owners are looking for something more, to enhance their home living lifestyle, and decorating the balcony or outdoor area is considered one of the important things to do for most today.

What is a Quality Engineered Wood Flooring?
A good quality engineered wood uses real wood instead of a whole piece of solid wood. It consists of multiple ply layers, which are glued together unlike a whole solid piece of hardwood. The top surface uses a thicker hardwood which is available in most hardwood species. Though engineered wood is not made up of 100% wood layers, the top layer is design hardwood and the core component below uses Hevea, pine or any strong durable material, which also makes it more stable and it comes in a pre-finished form. The back layer is usually made up of ply wood.

Flooring for the Festive Season!
As the holidays are around the corner, home owners will therefore have the excitement of decorating their homes for the festive seasons. Especially in Asia countries like Singapore, the number of households moving into new HDB flats, private apartments and houses is on the a rising trend as well. 

So the question is, how can we dress up our flooring for the festive season? Well, below are 3 easy tips to look at:

Wood Flooring : Engineered or Veneer?
Wood flooring technology has advanced from the traditional solid wood flooring, to our common parquet and now to multi-layered wood flooring called engineered wood flooring.

However, some consumers today often get confused about the right term about engineered wood flooring. They often treat veneer wood as the same characteristics as engineered wood. However, both are not the same. And here are the difference in 3 simple details.